Want to try the best grilled food on the street? How to eat them?

Is today a holiday? Or, you want to just taste the best street Taiwanese grilled chicken items with your friends? Well, in both scenarios, you get the best quality grilled food in hot star Melbourne. If you want a grilled chicken breast instead of fried and the salad instead of the rice meal, better to choose steamed or grilled meat and vegetables and avoid fats while saving calories.

Eat till you can eat

In the restaurants the portions are always bigger. This does not mean that you have to eat everything in your plate. What is left behind can also be brought home. In this way you also save money and have lunch or dinner ready. Alternatively you can order smaller portions that usually cost less.

Order a green salad

If you also order a salad as a side dish you immediately feel full and without adding too many calories. Better to choose light vinaigrette as a condiment. It is important to opt for green, other types of salads may have more calories.

Do not use the smartphone

Like at home in a restaurant – the phone should not be on the table. First of all, if you are in company it is more pleasant to have a chat and to better enjoy your food slowly, feeling more attentive when you are satisfied.

Many people do not eat much because they “release” their stomachs to eat at the restaurant. This is a wrong strategy because you risk choosing the most fat and caloric dishes. Better to have a little afternoon snack, for example, a chocolate shake or coconut balls.

Check the menu before you arrive

Many restaurants offer the online menu so that you can consult it and check if there are also low-calorie options. You can decide in advance what to eat and not be tempted after changing the choice. Japanese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Mediterranean restaurants usually have more balanced meals. Nowadays many restaurants are specialized in healthy cooking and seasonal products. Do you want to eat a hamburger? And even at fast food you can make healthier choices like eating a salad instead of fries.

Conclusion:do not forget the liquid calories

Even what you drink contains calories. Alcoholic beverages, juices and soft drinks are super calories. Better than water or a tea without sugar. If you really want to drink some alcohol, it is better to put them together with a little soda, for example spritz, and above all drink plenty of water later. Did you exaggerate yesterday to have dinner with your friends? Do not worry – you can recover today by eating healthy and drinking lots of water.

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