Want to try the best grilled food on the street? How to eat them?

Is today a holiday? Or, you want to just taste the best street Taiwanese grilled chicken items with your friends? Well, in both scenarios, you get the best quality grilled food in hot star Melbourne. If you want a grilled chicken breast instead of fried and the salad instead of the rice meal, better to choose steamed or grilled meat and vegetables and avoid fats while saving calories.

Eat till you can eat

In the restaurants the portions are always bigger. This does not mean that you have to eat everything in your plate. What is left behind can also be brought home. In this way you also save money and have lunch or dinner ready. Alternatively you can order smaller portions that usually cost less.

Order a green salad

If you also order a salad as a side dish you immediately feel full and without adding too many calories. Better to choose light vinaigrette as a condiment. It is important to opt for green, other types of salads may have more calories.

Do not use the smartphone

Like at home in a restaurant – the phone should not be on the table. First of all, if you are in company it is more pleasant to have a chat and to better enjoy your food slowly, feeling more attentive when you are satisfied.

Many people do not eat much because they “release” their stomachs to eat at the restaurant. This is a wrong strategy because you risk choosing the most fat and caloric dishes. Better to have a little afternoon snack, for example, a chocolate shake or coconut balls.

Check the menu before you arrive

Many restaurants offer the online menu so that you can consult it and check if there are also low-calorie options. You can decide in advance what to eat and not be tempted after changing the choice. Japanese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Mediterranean restaurants usually have more balanced meals. Nowadays many restaurants are specialized in healthy cooking and seasonal products. Do you want to eat a hamburger? And even at fast food you can make healthier choices like eating a salad instead of fries.

Conclusion:do not forget the liquid calories

Even what you drink contains calories. Alcoholic beverages, juices and soft drinks are super calories. Better than water or a tea without sugar. If you really want to drink some alcohol, it is better to put them together with a little soda, for example spritz, and above all drink plenty of water later. Did you exaggerate yesterday to have dinner with your friends? Do not worry – you can recover today by eating healthy and drinking lots of water.

Satisfying Your Bistros to Try

“A person cannot work with an empty stomach.” This is a saying that turns out to be true and is the reason eating has been a preferred activity for many.

Eating at a restaurant is the best way to treat pals and family, saving everyone from the trouble of preparing a meal.

Exactly how did bistros come about? Restaurant-like places have been recorded way back in ancient Rome with spots they call a “thermopolia”, where people can easily acquire food. Eating was additionally a method of socializing back then. In the medieval times, there were pubs and cook shops that sold meat at a fixed price and time. There were no alternatives on the food offered; in other words, menus were non-existent. In 1765, Monsieur Boulanger opened a soup shop in Paris, France which is considered to be the world’s first genuine bistro.

Bistros are classified into four types, which are casual dining, fast food, fast casual, and fine dining. Fast food serves food in a speedy manner which is ideal for individuals who are constantly on-the-go although the food might not be totally healthy. Fast casual only began to grow in the year 2010. Unlike fast food, healthier options are delivered and the costs are a little bit higher. Casual dining offers complete table service and food is sensibly valued, but the service is far better compared with the two formerly discussed. Lastly, fine dining is rather pricey due to the elegance of its services, but the dinner and the experience is truly worth the price.

When you’re searching for a particular type of cuisine or food, it’s remarkably uncomplicated to locate a location almost anywhere. Occasionally, you will also find everything you’re searching for in one spot such as the restaurants in Destin Florida. There you will definitely find a range of options like meat, American or Mexican food, fish and shellfish, puddings, and many more.

Restaurants in Destin FL will make eating a different experience for you. They are ideally located near one another, so if you instantly crave for an additional kind of food, you can just move to yet another place. If you desire to spoil your taste buds, you can easily try every little thing around.

Near the restaurants in Destin Florida, you will definitely locate hotels, beach fronts, shopping centers, and home entertainment spots. They’re most definitely right areas to eat, shop, have fun, and relax. The following internet sites will certainly provide you more information on restaurants and their history: and

Thali in Indian Food

Indians believe in having a wholesome meal. They never hold back when it comes to eating after a hard day’s work. A thali is always a part of their diet. For those who still don’t know what a thali is, here’s a headstart.

A thali is basically referred to a plate with bowls. The plate consists of a variety of food items and sweet dishes. With the thali, water and buttermilk is served too. Indian food consists of a lot of dishes. This article space wouldn’t be enough to name the cuisines, let alone the dishes that exist in India. A variety of vegetables, fruits and spices are grown in the country which are used in making innumerable number of dishes. In fact, every region has its own unique diet and unique dishes. Even though there are diverse cultures, every region has also managed to ape the cuisines of other regions. It is this very reason why you would find a South Indian dish in the North of India and vice versa.

The thali is a single platter containing variety of vegetables, curries, rotis, chapatis, puris and sweet dishes in small proportions. This is authentic food at its best. A lot of Indian culture in terms of eating is reflected in the thali. A thali is mostly vegetarian and consists mainly of 5-6 different vegetable preparations and curries accompanied by 2 or sweeter dishes to balance the sweet and spicy elements. Flavours of India can truly be relished only in a thali. The plate basically consists of dishes that are an amalgamation of flavours that reflects India’s pride and honour of food.

The perfect Indian thali consists of a starter that could be bhajiyas, pakoras, kurmura, samosas, kachori etc. It is basically something to munch on before the main course comes in. The main course is a really heavy affair. There are puris, chapatis, naans, curds, four to five different varieties of dry and wet sabzis, rice, dal, papad, salad and the list can still go on. Post that even desserts are served. Now depending on different cuisines, different kinds of thalis exist. A north Indian thali would be way different than the one served in west India. But that also does not mean that you wouldn’t get a North Indian thali in west India. Different regions often serve the popular local cuisine for their customers since that is what the customers truly enjoy. If not they also offer other cuisine thalis as per the needs of the customer.

Restaurants serving thali food often serve unlimited thalis for a fixed amount of price. This may sound absurd but they manage to make profits since different people have different appetites. Besides serving thalis only means that they just need to prepare a certain amount of dishes in large quantities every day. Hence, there is no wastage of other vegetables which may not be used in the thali. Thali restaurants are very popular today because a typical Indian rational customer looks for variety and satisfaction. The Indian thali offers them both!

History of Turkish Baklava

History of Turkish Baklava

If there’s one traditional dessert worth trying out when you step inside a Turkish restaurant, it has got to be Turkish Baklava. This sweet and delicious treat is often considered as a “national dessert” for much of Turkey and even most Mediterranean countries.

Let’s take a quick look at its history and how this tasty dessert cuisine has become a staple in most Turkish meals today.


There’s no clear, defining mark on where and when Baklava was first made. All we know is that much of the Middle East, Greeks, Jews, Arabs, Balkans and of course, Turks, all claim the Baklava as their national dessert.

Most of these countries actually belonged to the Ottoman Empire so it’s safe to say that it originated as an Ottoman dessert. There is still quite a bit of contention with this especially since the Ottoman Empire is mostly associated with “Turks,” the Greeks and Arabs aren’t particularly fond of this idea.

Whether it first started in the empire or not, there is no doubt that it’s modern form has evolved from the Ottoman period. In fact, during the 17th century, it was so popular that a palace tradition known as “baklava alayi” (parade) was held. In the festival, janissaries marched into the palace every 15th day of the Ramadan to gather trays of baklava. There would be one baklava for every ten soldiers as prepared by the palace cooks.

Modern Baklava

Today, there are specialty stores that sell only Baklava. Turkish food restaurants and specialty shops often serve this dish in their own twist. However, the very basic contains a stack of phyllo pastry (a thin crust of dough) that’s stuffed by a variety of chopped nuts and then sweetened by honey or syrup.

Each restaurant has their own unique way of serving up the dish. For a purely Turkish Baklava, Antep is the city that claims to serve the most authentic baklava there is. This is known as the baklava and pistachio capital of the country and most chefs and experts claim to be from here.

This can have several varieties. It’s mostly the stuffing that differs though. Some prefer walnuts while others would rather have pistachio; there’s also a hazelnut version served up in most of the Black Sea region that is also worth mentioning.

If you visit a Turkish restaurant; you’ll surely find baklava on the menu and it’s definitely a must-try so don’t miss it.

If you are in the New York, Manhattan area, get your filling of this tasty treat right over at AnTalia Restaurant. This is “the” place to visit for authentic Turkish food and Mediterranean cuisine to help indulge your senses.

Fulfill All Dream by Choosing Reception Venue in Cyprus

Hand of your beloved in your hand, the most romantic scenery, cool breeze dense palm trees and beauty is spreading its charm around seems a dream of part of a movie. But, this dream can come true by choosing reception venue in Cyprus. Being a birthplace of the goddess of love Aphrodite, Cyprus is filled with numbers of locations and venues in order to conduct an amazing reception ceremony. In every location of Cyprus whether it is Paphos, Peyia, Ayia Napa or Larnaca, there is no dearth of ideal venues to organize your dream wedding reception ceremony.

If you are thinking of organizing a private reception party in Cyprus then beach reception in Cyprus would prove to be an awesome idea. Beaches are famous to offer an intimate touch to your reception celebration in Cyprus. As this day is called the celebration of the new life of a bride and groom so arrangements can be made accordingly. You can take suggestions from your spouse about the theme of the reception or you can also appear with a surprise by making all arrangements as per the choice and liking of your spouse. You can plan moon light walk with your beloved, go for a candlelight dinner, arrange some soothing music, etc. Hiring a Cyprus Wedding planner is considered an intelligent option to conduct a well-planned reception celebration.

Couples who want to choose a royal and stylish Cyprus Reception Venue are advised to go for hotel reception venue in Cyprus. Whatever is your budget be it high, medium or low, hotels of all budgets are available in the different locations of Cyprus. Even by booking a budgeted hotel, you can turn your reception into a grand celebration. You can give a perfect blend of striking theme, eye-catching color scheme, appealing decoration, rocking musical arrangements, etc. In this way, your wedding reception occasion would be memorable not only for you but also for the guests who have attended the party.

Yacht reception venue in Cyprus is broadly popular among diverse wedding reception venues in Cyprus. It is recommended among couples across the world as it provides perfect amalgamation of joy of being surrounded by the Mediterranean ocean and water sport. Every sort of adventure will be yours by availing rental packages as per your budget. If you find yourself unable to find a suitable yacht reception package, you can hire a talented wedding planner in Cyprus. He will be able to guide you that which package will suit you the most as per your set budget. As per your preference, you can get some additional facilities including drink, music and other related stuff.

Whichever reception venue in Cyprus do you choose; you must design a budget in order to avoid paying some surprising cost on the final day of the ceremony. Make a clear outline of your budget and how much money are you going to spend on your venue, decoration, catering, grooming sessions, reception dress and accessories. By doing so, you will be able to get the aspired enjoyment with the accomplishment of a dream wedding reception.